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Here is another Dell Windows 8 convertible coming in Late 2012


The slide you see above is for another Dell Windows 8 device. We will be the first to admit that the slide looks like crap but given the source who provided it, we feel reasonably comfortable that we are looking at an authentic slide. 

The form-factor above looks a lot like the Dell Duo that the company is no longer producing. The slide is relatively light on details but it certainly seems plausible that Dell would revive this form factor for Windows 8 as it is a natural fit. We really don't have much to go on at this point as some of the text was cut off but expect to see this device land in late 2012. 

We did some digging on this and asked around and some believe that is actually a slide developed by Foxconn which could explain the terrible rendering we see above. 

We also do not have any information on pricing either, the product appears to still be in early development, even though it is based on an existing form factor, given the information we were provided. 

Couple this with the previous Dell tablet information that we leaked and we can start to see Dell's plans for Windows 8. Having two products, especially the one above, hitting the market with a new OS that is designed for touch and mouse input, the XPS 12 could be a perfect fit. Dell is coming off of a rough quarter and knows that it needs to find a way to differentiate itself from the pack, the question is, will these two product do that for them?

Thanks to our awesome tipster!

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