Horror classic Silent Hill 4: The Room is now available on GOG

Following the surprise arrival of classic Konami titles Metal Gear, Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2, Castlevania, and Contra to CD Projekt's DRM-free game store GOG last week, the Japanese publisher is now back with another re-release on the platform-- Silent Hill 4: The Room. Today also happens to be the 12th birthday of the GOG store, with several promotions going up alongside this.

The survival horror title originally released on PC in 2004, and much like the previous GOG re-releases, it has not seen a digital launch until now. It was also the final Silent Hill game by the original series developer Team Silent.

For those unfamiliar with the title, here is how the game's description lays out the setting:

Henry Townshend finds himself trapped in his apartment and the only escape is through a mysterious portal that leads to a horrifying alternate reality. With gruesome sights around every corner and his sanity being tested, he must find his way out of this nightmare. Enter The Room, a thrilling story in the most terrifying game series of all time.

Continuing GOG's enhancement procedures with classic titles, this version comes with improvements that let the game run on modern systems without the need for tinkering. The DRM-free Silent Hill 4: The Room is now available for purchase on GOG at $9.99.

Moreover, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord and The Talos Principle: Gold Edition have also joined the GOG store today, landing alongside the start of the 12th Anniversary Sale, which has discounted over 200 games until October 9. GOG is also bringing back the Ultimate RED Collection today for the occasion, packing together the complete Witcher franchise plus a pre-order for Cyberpunk 2077 into a single discounted bundle.

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