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Huawei CEO spills small details about its dual display device

For years, there have been discussions about smartphones with folding displays, with each company flexing their manufacturing process at trade shows, showing off something that looks it's from the not so distant future. While this certainly generates a bit of intrigue from the general public and at the same time makes techies hearts flutter, it seems that we are all still waiting for this technology to arrive. As we approach the end of 2017, we are still only in the infancy of uniquely shaped display panels and haven't even come close to what has been promised.

This week, ZTE showed off a handset with dual displays, folding up to look like a regular handset, but also capable of expanding itself and combining the screens to form one cohesive display. While this is what is advertised, the reality is that there is still a bezel, and the experience of the user is compromised because of the thin bezels that divide the two panels. Samsung has something in the works, something that could be the first of its kind to market depending on when ZTE's Axon M launches, but apparently so does Huawei.

According to Huawei's CEO Richard Yu, the company is working on a device that sounds similar to that of ZTE's but will feature marked improvements. Currently, the firm has a working sample, but it needs to remove the small gap between the two screens while also creating a better design. It is uncertain when this product will come to market, but there is certainly potential when it comes to devices that could arrive over the next couple of years.

Source: CNET via Android Authority

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