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Intel and Samsung may release Android phone for Sprint

With CES right around the corner, it is about time we got a hot new rumor that could be Sprint's big announcement. A new rumor has cropped up that says Intel and Samsung could be releasing a new Atom based smartphone and it currently looks like Sprint might be the carrier of choice, according to Android and Me.

It has been speculated that Intel has desired to break into the mobile phone segment for some time and if this holds true, it looks like 2012 might be the year that it finally happens. There is a bit of substance behind this rumor with PCworld stating that Intel had Android up and running on its Medfield processors not long after the source code was released. 

Intel has also been fighting the fact that ARM processors are typically viewed as being superior for this type of application which AllthingsD cites Intel CEO Paul Otellini refuting that notion by saying that Medfield processors handily beat the competition. 

The idea of an Intel based smartphone running Google's latest OS is certainly plausible. Intel has the ability to create the chips needed to power Android but the all important question will be how is the battery performance?. If Intel's claims hold true that it's performance bests that of ARM chips in smartphones and it can produce exceptional battery life, it could be a fierce competitor in the market. 

Neowin will be at Sprint's event which occurs on January 10 in Las Vegas. 

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