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Intel Windows driver to now collect user telemetry data, like website categories, by default

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Earlier this week, Intel released a beta driver for Windows with version The driver brings optimizations for the highly popular Baldur's Gate 3. However, the driver also contains a telemetry component that isn't listed in the release notes.

TechPowerUp noticed that the beta driver package contains Intel's Computing Improvement Program (CIP) which collects user data in order to help with improving the driver performance. The option is enabled by default but it can be disabled too.

Intel driver now includes telemetry component called CIP

Intel states that the driver collects various customer information which includes things like website categories, though Intel assures it does not fetch website addresses (URL). In a support article, the company explains details about the program including what is collected and how it is used:

If I participate in the Intel® Computing Improvement Program, what data is collected and how is it used?

Intel wants to provide the best computing experiences. To accomplish this, we would like your permission to collect, use, and combine information to understand:

  • The categories of websites you visit, but not the URL itself
  • How you use your computer
  • System information from your computer
  • Other devices in your computing environment

Usage information contains:

  • Software usage: for example, frequency and duration of application usage such as Intel® Driver & Support Assistant, but not the application content itself such as specific actions or keyboard input.
  • Feature usage: for example, how much RAM you usually use or your laptop’s average battery life.
  • Other devices in your computing environment
    • The categories of websites you visit, but not the URL itself, [sic] Includes universal plug and play devices and devices that broadcast information to your computer on a local area network: for example, smart TV model and vendor information, and video streaming devices.
  • The categories of websites you visit, but not the URL itself,
    • The information collected includes categorized web browsing history that shows how long and how often you visited specific categories of sites (i.e. social media, personal finance, or news). All site visits are classified into one of 30 categories. We do not collect URLs, web pages titles, or user-specific content without explicit permission from you.

Collected system information contains, but is not limited to:

  • Your device manufacturer
  • CPU model
  • Memory and display configuration
  • OS version
  • Software versions
  • Region and language settings
  • Regional location and time zone

If I participate in the program, is there any personal information in the data collected?

The information we collect:

  • Will not include any directly identifying personal information such as name, email address, IP address, or MAC address
  • Will not include the URL (web address) for specific sites visited
  • Will not be used to identify or contact you

If these types of information are requested from you, you will first be prompted for additional consent.

The information we collect does include a randomly generated identifier that allows combining information from your system over time to better understand usage trends.

You can find more details about Intel's Compute Improvement Program on its support page on the official website.

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