LG unveils omnidirectional LG XBOOM 360 premium speaker

A woman carrying the LG XBOOM 360

LG has unveiled its new LG XBOOM 360 speaker (model RP4) today which uses a conical-cylindrical design to throw out sound in all directions. LG says the device is pleasing to look at so it should be a nice addition to any small social gatherings you host. It’s available in burgundy, peacock green, beige, or charcoal black so you should be able to get one that blends into your environment.

The cylindrical design was chosen not only for aesthetic purposes but to accommodate a distortion-free reflector so that your audio is rich and brings ‘a sense of three-dimensional vitality to every genre of music.’

Aside from being able to put out audio, the XBOOM 360 also takes care of mood lighting which is available in three options; ambient, nature, or party. The wireless nature of the speaker means you can control it with a companion app and set up custom lighting options and sound effects. Further boosting its wireless credentials, the speaker doesn’t need to be plugged in; a single charge lets you play music for 10 hours before needing to recharge. A built-in metal handle allows you to pick up the speaker and put it down wherever the gathering is.

LG did not state the pricing for its LG XBOOM 360 speaker, however, it said it will launch the product in key markets starting sometime this month.

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