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Logitech announces new Circle 2 home camera system, available in July

Logitech has today announced its Circle 2 home camera surveillance system, a follow-up to its original Circle home camera. It seems we are experiencing the rollout of quite a few products from Logitech, as only last week it showed us its new conference camera, also available soon.

The Circle 2 is intended as a place-anywhere-you-want camera, and as something you can use to keep an eye on anything at your home.

The camera will arrive in two models, one wired and one wireless: these models will be available for $179.99 and $199.99 respectively, coming in July of this year. Both of the cameras are weather-proof and can be placed outside. Logitech has also unveiled a wide selection of different mounts for the camera you could use for various places around the house - and as it implies in the video, maybe even in the shower. The camera will be released with HomeKit support, which will offer a live 1080p feed to your Home app, and will also be compatible with other home systems and devices, such as Amazon Alexa.

The wired model is intended to offer continuous filming while the wireless model can switch on and film when it detects motion. This obviously means that it will be able to offer battery life over potentially long periods. The wired model has a weather-proof peripheral that you can purchase to ensure that the connection to your house power can endure the conditions.

The camera seems to offer lots of features, and appears to have high customizability particularly through its app: such as motion detection options, two-way communication, 24-hour free encrypted cloud storage (with the option to buy into longer storage times of 14 to 31 days), as well as options of what it will film, and when and how it might notify you. The wireless option can also be purchased with a spare battery pack so you always have a reserve on charge.

It will be interesting to see how the public responds once it rolls out later in July.

Source: MacRumours |Images via Geeky Gadgets

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