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Making a media kit could soon be possible without leaving the Instagram app

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Instagram could soon allow content creators and social media influencers to make media kits within the platform’s app. By adding information in a standard template, the Instagram app would quickly compile a media kit for distribution to brands and other accounts.

Italian mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi managed to reverse engineer Instagram code and produced renderings of the media kit creation prototype. The tool is experimental and not available to the public yet.

Using the Instagram media kit creation too, content creators can compile a bio, highlight their favorite posts, showcase collaborations with brands and other accounts, and provide audience data. Basically, influencers can showcase their achievements.

Traditionally, creators had to rely on external tools to create their “influencer resume”. These typically include proof of successful engagement with the target audience, and the proven ability to build hype around a product or service. Needless to add, influencers hope to attract paid sponsorship opportunities, and such resumes are the first step.

Earlier this year, YouTube launched a media kit tool for video content creators on the platform. Realizing how rapidly the influencer industry is rising, there are a few startups that are offering to quickly create interactive, web-based media kits. Some of the platforms alsoplug in real-time audience demographics.

Although large platforms such as Instagram and YouTube are offering their own tools to create media kits, creators might use them selectively. This is because some of these media kit creation tools do not support cross-platform insights and data. In other words, creators are restricted to the data and insights of the platform that is offering the tool. This may not allow creators or influencers to showcase their content, channels, and performance on other platforms.

Via: Business Insider

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