Meta testing End-to-End Encryption in Quest's VR Messenger app but it's opt-in

Meta is testing End-To-End Encryption in Quest’s VR Messenger app. The limited beta test is part of the new v40 software update. In addition to deploying full encryption, the company is also offering new “Mono Audio” as well as "Audio Balancing" features to simplify and improve the listening experience.

Meta is offering multiple new features for Quest VR headset users. These aren’t just intended for Metaverse users but also for people who use the headset for office work. The company has indicated in a blog post that the End-To-End Encryption is available to a limited number of users. Hence, it is not clear how many will be part of the initial test phase. Moreover, the feature is not switched on by default. As it is an opt-in feature, users will have to activate the same.

Meta testing End-to-End Encryption in Quest&039s VR Messenger app but it&039s opt-in

Meta has long indicated that it will gradually introduce End-To-End Encryption in all of its messaging and personal communication platforms. However, the company has repeatedly postponed the deployment of the much-needed privacy-focused feature. Last November, Meta indicated it is delaying the rollout of end-to-end encryption across all its services until “sometime in 2023.”

Apart from testing End-To-End Encryption in VR, Meta is also rolling out a new “Mono Audio” feature. As the name implies, the feature allows VR headset users to hear the same audio from both the left and right speakers. Currently, the headset plays spatial audio which attempts to add depth and distance to sounds.

Meta testing End-to-End Encryption in Quest&039s VR Messenger app but it&039s opt-in

Meta is also allowing users to adjust the balance of the left and right audio channels. The company indicated the feature could help partially deaf people or those who had a preference. The Mono Audio and Audio Balance options are available in the Accessibility tab in the Settings menu.

The new v40 software update also adds the “App Unlock” feature. Users can put specific games and apps behind an unlock pattern using the new feature. As the name implies, users will have to input a preselected pattern to unlock and use specific apps. This feature should help parents regulate or restrict access to certain apps and games. Until recently, the only way to prevent access was to lock an entire headset behind a pattern.

Apart from the new features, the new v40 software update also unlocks support for multiple new physical keyboards, including Apple Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad, and enables payments with a 3DS-enabled credit card in VR.

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