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Microsoft 365 Roadmap Weekly: Outlook message reminders for Mac users and more

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It's been a fairly quiet week on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap website. However, there were a few interesting additions, especially if you use the Outlook email client.

Outlook - Message reminder improvements for Mac and more

Outlook for windows

The roadmap shows that Outlook on the Mac will get some message reminder improvements starting in January 2024:

When Outlook identifies that a user could have forgotten to respond to or follow up on an email message, it could bring that email back to the top of the inbox, marking it needing an action. A maximum of one email message can be brought to the top of the user's inbox at a time.

Mac Outlook users will also get another new feature in October:

Sent messages in the conversation mode can be hidden by updating the settings to exclude them in the conversation mode.

Another new addition that will roll out in November 2024 will add some more control for admins ffor sharing Outlook emails and calendar content with others at work.

Outlook on the Web and the new Outlook for Windows provides users with the ability to share mail and calendar with other users at different permission levels. This feature provides admins with the ability to use Office Policy setting "Turn off sharing recommendation" to prevent users from sharing folders.

Microsoft Teams - Private line and more

Microsoft Teams logo with shapes around it in the various colors of the Teams logo

Microsoft Teams users on the desktop will get a new Private Line feature sometime in November:

With private line, users will be able to have a private second phone number that they can make available to a select set of callers to call them directly, bypassing delegates, admins, or assistants. Inbound calls to the private line will be distinguished by a unique notification and ringtone. The private line will support incoming calls only.

The Together mode for Teams on the desktop and the Mac will be improved in December:

With the new layout, Together mode will be displayed under the shared content. The users will be able to see the participants in Together mode and shared content simultaneously in a completely new way. Full Together mode experience is available including raised hands, reactions and name labels.

That's it for this week's look at the Microsoft 365 Roadmap. Come back in seven days for another roundup

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