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Microsoft creates Cloud comparison chart, SkyDrive is King

With the announcement of Google Drive and yesterday’s major update to Skydrive, you might be wondering how all of the products look when you place them head to head.

We already took a quick peek, of course, that was at Google Drive and Skydrive’s TOS which highlighted each products stance on privacy, but Microsoft has conveniently put together a chart to show why Skydrive is best.

Yes, we know this has a Microsoft slant as it comes from the company but let’s be honest, they aren’t exactly digging deep to make the comparisons to prove their point.

The chart speaks for itself and compares SkyDrive, iCloud, Good Drive and Dropbox in a head-to-head matchup that clearly puts SkyDrive in the spotlight. Microsoft touts that SkyDrive works seamlessly with Office and Windows: 

  • Save a document from Microsoft Word on your PC to your SkyDrive folder. Keep writing at work using SkyDrive.com and Word Web App. Unlike Google, there are no conversions and no formatting issues.  
  • Use fetch to access any file – not just ones in your SkyDrive folder - on your Windows PC from anywhere
  • Access and save to your SkyDrive from any app in Windows 8 – automatically

Did Microsoft overlook any key points or features from the competitors? If you spot one, let us know in the comments. 

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