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Microsoft details global NoDo update schedule

With the release of the first Windows Phone 7 update yesterday, one question - ''when is the update coming?'' - has been replaced with another: ''when will I get it?''

In an effort to answer the second question, Microsoft has thrown together two charts to show when, in approximate terms, WP7 users in various countries should expect to receive the NoDo update. Those with unbranded phones are already receiving the update.

The charts (US and international), spotted by Engadget, are organised by country and handset and differentiate between the ''February (pre-NoDo)'' update and the ''March (NoDo)'' update. According to Microsoft, both updates will go through two stages before reaching users in a third.

In the first stage, mobile operators carry out network and quality tests on the update, while in the second Microsoft schedules the update for delivery, a process that usually takes 10 days.

So, the million-dollar question - when will users get the NoDo update? In the US, the HTC HD7 and Dell Venue Pro look set to be the first handsets updated, with both at the scheduling stage, while the HTC Surround, LG Quantum and Samsung Focus are still at the testing stage for both the February and March update. The HTC Arrive and HTC HD7S will ship with an updated version of WP7.

Internationally, Australia's Optus is delivering the February update and testing NoDo, all Canadian carriers are delivering the February update and testing NoDo and global telco Deutsche Telecom is testing both updates.

NoDo, the first of two major Windows Phone platform updates this year, includes copy and paste functionality,  bug fixes and slight speed improvements to the loading of apps and improvements to marketplace search and stability.

The next update, dubbed ''Mango'', is expected this fall in the United States (September-December) and will bring improved multitasking and Internet Explorer 9 to the platform among other, yet to be announced features.

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