Microsoft has trademarked the Series X logo

The Xbox Series X is slated to launch later this year, and Microsoft hasn't shied away from talking about the console in great detail leading up to the launch. Now, it looks like the logo for the console has also been revealed through a trademark filing spotted by users on Reddit (via Windows Central).

The logo itself is pretty straight forward, with a large stylized "X" and the word "Series" written vertically on the side. To be clear, this is a new logo for the console itself, not a change of branding for Xbox.

It's worth noting that the trademark covers the usage of the logo for a wide variety of items, and not just gaming hardware. Watches, jewelry, school supplies, bags, backpacks, clothing, and much more are among the intended uses for the logo. It's likely that Microsoft will want to sell or give away merchandise related to the Xbox Series X at some point, so it makes sense to be prepare for when those products are released.

It seems logical for this to be the logo that shows up on the packaging for the Xbox Series X, though that would be a change of pace for Xbox, since the name is usually written horizontally without much of a twist to the text layout. However, giving prominence to the letter X could be a good way to help differentiate from a potential Series S console, which has been rumored a few times under the name Lockhart.

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