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Microsoft improving .NET Framework updates on Windows 11 22H2 with UUP

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Back in October, Microsoft had announced the public preview of on-premises UUP (Unified Update Platform) which promised faster and smaller Windows update downloads. Fast forward four months, the company announced a few days ago that the feature was almost ready to ship, as the first UUP on premises updates are set to hit on March 28th. With UUP, Microsoft claims that update times can get much faster as the size of updates are expected to reduce by 30%.

Aside from faster Windows updates, Microsoft also says that users will now experience a faster .NET Framework update experience as well, thanks to the integration of .NET updates into UUP. Previously, after a feature update was installed, a device would need to restart before it could install .NET Framework updates. Now thanks to UUP, on Windows 11 22H2, users will experience fewer reboots as the device will automatically install the latest .NET Framework update.

Anton Fontanov, a Program Manager at Microosft, has penned a blog post on the Microsoft Tech Community explaining the change:

We've integrated .NET Framework updates into the Unified Update Platform or UUP-based feature update. Moving to Windows 11, version 22H2 via Windows Update will now automatically help secure your device with the latest .NET Framework updates. You'll now experience one less reboot!

Aside from fewer reboots, users will also get more control over optional updates. Fontanov writes:

Another experience we are excited to announce is how optional, or preview, .NET Framework updates are offered. You will now find upcoming optional .NET Framework updates for Windows 11, version 22H2 on the Settings > Windows Update > Advanced options > Optional updates page.


Before this change, you may have checked for updates by clicking "Check for updates" button on the Settings > Windows Update page. This would automatically install preview .NET Framework updates and cause your device to restart. With this improvement, have better visibility into and control over adopting the latest optional preview .NET Framework updates.

All you have to do is get the January 26th (KB5022360) or latest Windows update for this new optional update experience.

You can find the official official blog post on Microsoft's Tech Community website here.

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