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Microsoft is moving away from Windows Phone and towards 'Windows' for your phone

Microsoft has been undergoing a lot of change under the leadership of Satya Nadella - from new events to a 'mobile first, cloud first' motto. The new vigor introduced by Nadella has been flushed through the veins of Microsoft and is paying off with a bit of pep in the Microsoft step. 

While Microsoft has signaled intentions to go to a OneCore setup for Windows, it looks like they are also heading down the path of OneBrand as well. We have been observing this trend for some time and have been looking around for details to support our information and now it is starting to become clear. The most obvious example of this is with the conversion of Windows Phone into simply, Windows.

6 months ago, this was the norm
How Microsoft marketed Windows Phone 6 months ago

Earlier this year, Microsoft/Nokia released the Lumia Icon for Verizon, and at the end of their commercials, it says Windows Phone (above image). But, if you take a look at the new HTC One M8 for Windows that is on Verizon, the commercial does not have Windows Phone mentioned (below image). Of course, you can all see it in the name of the device too, for Windows and not for Windows Phone

It's all Windows now, no phone
How Microsoft markets Windows Phone today

We here at Neowin have been hearing these whispers for some time and the evidence is only growing stronger. Michael Gillett, like us, believes that Microsoft will simply call everything Windows too, and it wouldn't surprise us if the next iteration of Windows is simply called 'Windows' as well.

But it is not only Verizon leaving out the word 'phone' from the Windows branding. The recently released Lumia 930 commercial, spotted by the Verge, omits the branding as well.

It makes a bit of sense too, as Microsoft products are powered by Windows, not Windows Phone, Windows RT, Windows 8, etc. By simplifying the brands they are doing, it allows them to create a stronger cohesive marketing effort around Windows.

Watch for this trend going forward as once you see it, you begin to notice it everywhere.

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