Microsoft is now mentioning the Xbox Series S in publicly available products

Almost since Microsoft's next-generation console started to be rumored, we've heard that there would be a higher-tier model - which we now know as the Xbox Series X - and a more affordable variant, known as Lockhart, but expected to be called the Xbox Series S. While Microsoft has refused to announce the cheaper model so far, it's already been outed in a controller package for the upcoming Xbox Wireless Controller.

But now it seems that even publicly available Xbox products are acknowledging the Xbox Series S, even though Microsoft has yet to announce it. Twitter user Brendan (spotted by IGN), shared a picture yesterday of a current-generation Xbox Wireless Controller packaging, which includes a 14-day trial of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Looking at the pamphlet for the trial reveals that Microsoft is mentioning the Xbox Series X and Series S in a similar fashion to the leaked controller from last month.

What's more, Brendan says the controller was bought off of Microsoft's own website, so it's not a case of a third-party retailer sending out packages ahead of the official availability.

At one point, Microsoft was expected to announce the Xbox Series S in August, but with that month now behind us, that clearly didn't happen. However, it could be that these products were produced with that reveal date in mind, which means they're now being spotted before the official announcement. It remains to be seen if Microsoft will finally reveal the console soon.

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