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Microsoft prematurely announces that it has acquired Acompli

"Blank post please delete" - an unfinished blog post listed as written by Microsoft by vice president Rajesh Jha showed up on RSS wires earlier today and subsquently raised some interesting questions. The content of the post was very similar to the title with just a comma added: “ blank post, please delete”. Here’s what it looked like:

This came with an interesting URL: https://blogs.microsoft.com/blog/2014/11/25/microsoft-acquires-acompli/ a non-existent page on the official Microsoft Blog formatted to indicate that the post had been made on November 25. The question that comes up though is: "What’s Acompli?"

As it turns out, Acompli is a mobile email app that's available for iOS and Android that offers different options of combining email and calendar in one app making it easier for its users to find anything: files, older messages or people.

It's so popular that a couple of weeks ago a user tweeted that Microsoft should buy it, and it looks like someone at Redmond took notice.

Even though there are a number of other competing apps, Acompli’s look-and-feel and feature set help it stand out. So it is easy to see why Microsoft may be interested in acquiring the app.

The blog post and its intriguing URL did not come out of nowhere. It's not clear yet if this deal is about to happen or if something fell through at the last moment. It may come to nothing or we may soon hear that Microsoft has a new company in its folds.

It's not the first time an executive has made such a mistake, on Tuesday the Twitter CFO tweeted a similar company takeover announcement but the target was not named in this instance.

Source & Image: Techcrunch

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