Microsoft refreshes the UI for To Do with smaller headers, more color

Microsoft has announced that it is rolling out a new user experience for its To Do service across platforms. The update mostly focuses on changes to the design and customization of the app, but it also includes a minor name change, dropping the hyphen.

For starters, list headers will no longer feature the customizable image at the top, allowing the header to be smaller and make room for items in the list. In exchange, there are more colors to choose from when setting a list's theme. What's more, the app also offers a bunch of images that can be used as a background for lists, and each list can have a different choice of color or picture, so you shouldn't get them mixed up as easily.

To go along with the ability to use pictures as backgrounds, the design of task lists has been slightly updated as well. Each item is now contained in its own rectangle with round corners, which pops from the background a little more.

Finally, the app's icon seems to have undergone a minor refresh. The new icon adds a sense of depth, rounded corners, and changes the color scheme slightly. This follows the design language Microsoft has been using for most of its new icons. Currently, the icon for the app itself doesn't seem to change, but it is visible in the splash screen when you first open it.

Old logo
New logo

At the moment, the new look doesn't seem to be available for the web version of To Do, but should be available everywhere else. Our Android and Windows test machines are already sporting the refreshed UI. There are no other new features in this release, but Microsoft has been making many improvements over the past few months.

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