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Microsoft remains tight-lipped on IE10 for Windows 7

Microsoft has been churning the water and creating a lot of noise around Windows 8 and rightfully so as the company prepares the marketplace for a dramatically different windows experience. One of the new products shipping with Windows 8 is IE10. There are two variants in the new OS but Microsoft has committed to bringing IE10 to Windows 7 as well but has not provided any updates to this commitment in some time.

We reached out to Microsoft to see if we could get them to muster up some new information but to our dismay, would not comment on any future activity for that platform. The only information provided to our request was that the platform was still coming to Windows 7 (as previously announced) but no word on if we will see any new platform previews for those of us still using Windows 7.

Microsoft has one annoying quality in that it is quite good at providing enough information to make a point but at the same time, it also opens the door for many more questions that usually do not get answered for a considerable amount of time after they make their initial announcement. Granted, it is their information and they can do as they please but it can cause confusion in the market (see all the speculation around WOA as an example).

While we do not expect any dramatic moves from Windows 8 IE10 to the Windows 7 variant, we would love to play with the updated platform before it goes gold.  

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