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Microsoft to drop Nokia and Windows Phone brands [Update]

Recent evidence has suggested that Microsoft is preparing to shake up its mobile branding, dropping the Windows Phone moniker, in favor of a simpler 'Windows' brand. It now seems that that is indeed the plan, and it appears that the company is planning to go even further in its changes. 

An internal Microsoft document seen by Geek on Gadgets reveals that Microsoft is preparing to reduce the usage of the Windows Phone name and logo in its marketing, gradually introducing the standard Windows logo in its place. As we have previously reported, this is in preparation for Microsoft's moves to consolidate Windows Phone and Windows RT into a single mobile-focused OS, which is likely to be launched next year. 

The idea behind this is that there will be one 'Windows' for all of your devices, with promotions and advertisements referring to 'Windows for your phone', 'Windows on your tablet', and the like. 

But even more significant is that the document indicates that Microsoft is preparing to drop the Nokia name from its handsets. It states: "As part of our phased transition, we will drop the manufacturer name from product references during the Holiday [season] campaign." The document also shows the new Lumia wordmark, set in Microsoft's corporate 'Segoe' font. 

As we reported earlier this year, Microsoft has been phasing out Nokia's 'Pure' font family in promoting its Lumia devices, placing a greater emphasis on marketing based upon its own corporate brand identity. Microsoft has licensed the rights to use the Nokia brand through to November 25, 2015 - eighteen months after it competed its acquisition of Nokia's devices business - but it seems that the company is preparing to drop it much sooner. 

Notable at the recent launch of the Lumia 730, 735 and 830 was the complete absence of any mention of the Nokia name, even though the Nokia logo remains present on the devices themselves. It seems likely that these devices will be the last handsets to bear the Nokia brand before Microsoft phases it out completely, making 'Lumia' the main brand for its handsets going forward, sitting alongside the Surface brand for its tablets. 

One of our sources at Microsoft said that the document "appears authentic", but would not confirm that the specific information was accurate. We'll keep trying to dig for info to verify these claims - but for now, it might be best if you prepare yourself to say goodbye to the Nokia brand on mobile devices. 

Source: Geek on Gadgets | top image only via Geek on Gadgets 

Update: Since this article was published, we have been able to confirm the information via a second source, who said that Microsoft's future Windows Phones will be launched with the Lumia name, but without Nokia branding. The source added that the company is not expected to feature the full Microsoft logo on any handsets themselves, at least initially, but that it will be present on device packaging and promotional materials. 

The headline and front-page excerpt of this article were also updated after publishing to reflect this additional information.

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