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Microsoft says the Series X|S was the most successful Xbox launch ever

Today, Microsoft announced that its Xbox Series X|S launch this week was its most successful Xbox launch ever, providing very few specifics. For example, the company confirmed that it sold more units than it has in any previous launch. Naturally, it did not say how many were sold, nor how many were sold in previous launches.

The Redmond firm also said that the Xbox Series S added the highest percentage of new players out of any of Microsoft's consoles at the time of launch. Note that this doesn't say the most new players, but rather the biggest percentage of new players. Again though, it doesn't say how many new players there are, or even what the percentage is. Presumably, Microsoft just did the math on how many consoles were linked to an Xbox Live account that had never been linked to a console before.

Out of both of the consoles that launched, the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S (there's no actual brand to identify the new generation), 70% of the new devices are using Xbox Game Pass, and Microsoft said that this includes new and existing subscribers. Again, there are no other specifics here.

The one specific that Microsoft actually gave was that 3,594 games were played, which is more than played at any previous Xbox launch. This is possible because this is the first Xbox console to be completely backward compatible with the one that came before it. Other than games that require a Kinect, you can play anything that was supported on the Xbox One, including thousands of Xbox One games, hundreds of Xbox 360 games, and dozens of Xbox games.

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