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Microsoft starts bundling Windows 11 with its 'PC optimizer' app in some regions

The Microsoft PC Manager app

Did you know that Microsoft has its own PC-optimizing app for Windows 10 and 11? It is called "Microsoft PC Manager," and it recently arrived in the Microsoft Store, promising to "safeguard your PC in a quiet and reliable way." Now, Microsoft wants to bundle the app with the operating system.

The latest Windows 11 build, which just made it to the Beta Channel, briefly mentions that the PC Manager app is now part of Windows 11 for customers in China.

New! This update adds PC Manager to devices in China.

That's it. For now, there is no word on whether the company plans to bring the PC Manager app to other countries. The official en-us version of the app's website currently says "coming soon." Microsoft PC Manager was initially made for users in China, but you can get it from the Microsoft Store in other countries as well.

PC optimizers are not a new concept, and they have been around for quite a while. Nowadays, many consider them unnecessary, but having an official program made by Microsoft that is capable of (allegedly) speeding up your PC may sound quite appealing.

Like similar software, Microsoft PC Manager promises to "boost your PC" by cleaning up some memory and disk space, "reduce ads and pop-up interruptions," check your PC's health for viruses or potential issues, and provide extra convenience with some additional mini apps and tools.

However, Microsoft's PC Manager has already raised quite a few eyebrows when customers caught it recommending some questionable optimizing techniques, injecting affiliate links, and shamelessly claiming your PC needs repair if Bing is not set as the default search engine. Yikes.

Microsoft PC Manager is compatible with Windows 10 version 1809 and newer. Soon, it may become a new stock Windows 11 app, at least in China.

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