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Microsoft Teams mobile to get new Chat Dashboard, ability to attach cloud content

Microsoft Teams logo with shapes around it in the various colors of the Teams logo

Microsoft recently announced a new version of Teams that is faster and comes with major performance improvements. The software giant also plans to add new features to the Teams mobile clients in the coming months.

Dashboard for Chat already exists in the form of a Chat details page in Teams mobile clients. The chat dashboard is where you will find all the files, web links, photos, and videos shared in the chat. Those using Teams on mobile will now get easy access to all those and more information on an updated chat details page. The feature is expected to arrive for Android and iOS users next month.

Attach OneDrive Content from Teams Mobile

Microsoft has also labeled the ability to attach OneDrive files from Teams mobile as an upcoming new feature. However, it is already possible to attach cloud content to chats and channels from Teams mobile (click to zoom in on the screenshot). While Microsoft did not provide enough clarity over how the two are different from each other, it's possible that the experience of attaching cloud content from Teams mobile client may now become similar to that of its desktop client. In addition, Teams mobile users will also be able to "view Recent files and attach most used files upfront from the Recent section."

Attach cloud files from Teams mobile

Microsoft Teams: Attach cloud files in chat and channel from Teams Mobile

Attach cloud files from Teams mobile

Microsoft Teams: Dashboard for Chat

Per the Microsoft 365 roadmap page, the company expects to roll out the ability to "Attach cloud files in chat and channel from Teams Mobile" in May this year. However, if things do not work out as they should, it might delay the rollout to a later date.

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