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Microsoft Viva Connections for Education will help kids keep track of everything

Microsoft Vive Connections for Education screenshots

Microsoft has introduced a tool called Microsoft Viva Connections for Education (MVCE) that centres of learning can use to connect EdTech tools that students use all into one dashboard. According to Microsoft, students use about 143 EdTech tools on average and this is just too much.

MVCE is available to customers directly within Microsoft Teams. The dashboard can be personalized with various cards that represent different tools. There is already a selection of pre-built cards that admins can load onto students’ MVCE dashboards and there’s the option to create new cards for the times you have a specific scenario. Aside from customizing cards, you can also adorn the dashboard with the school’s colours for added continuity.

Microsoft Vive Connections for Education screenshots

Aside from being a convenient place for students to come and access their education materials, MVCE also doubles up as an information hub. Targeted messages can be sent to the whole institution or a subset of students and updates can be posted to the MVCE feed which will keep students up-to-date with club announcements, campus events, cafeteria menus, and more.

Students from foreign countries who are stronger in their first language also have the option to use the MVCE dashboard in their own language. Microsoft doesn’t say that content is translated but the interface itself would be in the student’s native language. Finally, MVCE is available to students through mobile devices, this means that if children don’t have access to a computer or are already on their way to school, they can get access to the dashboard. If you want to learn more, check out the Microsoft Viva Connections documentation.

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