Microsoft's Windows 10 launch is going to strain CDNs, already passed 10 Tbps

Microsoft has finally pushed the big button that begins the rollout of Windows 10 around the world. As each time zone ticks over into July 29th, a new wave of Windows updates is being released and experts are now concerned that Microsoft is going to put a serious strain on content delivery networks (CDN) worldwide.

Streaming Media is citing internal sources and is saying that Microsoft has reserved up to 40 Tbps with all of the key CDNs which is a massive amount of bandwidth. As of July 28th at 1PM ET, Microsoft is said to already be consuming over 10 Tbps and seeing that all regions are not yet online for deployment, it's only going to go higher.

For comparison, Apple events, which are known to strain networks around the world as well, typically peak at about 8 Tbps, which means the Windows 10 deployment could be five times that of any Apple event.

If there was any doubt that this is a massive deployment for Microsoft, these numbers should help put it into perspective to show that Windows 10 is being pushed down to likely millions of machines starting earlier today.

If you want to learn what's new in Windows 10, make sure to check out our full review here.

Via: Streaming Media | Thanks for the tip Victor

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