Microsoft's Xbox One controller for accessibility leaks

Twitter user and renowned Microsoft leakster WalkingCat is at it again, today leaking a new and unfamiliar Xbox One Wireless Controller. As you can see from the image above, it looks nothing like controllers that we've already seen, and it should be designed for players with disabilities (via Jez Corden of Windows Central).

Those two big A and B buttons should be easier to press than the typical analog sticks, and they might be programmable. Above the directional controller, there are three LEDs, which were first seen in a leak of the next-generation Elite controller. The button next to the LEDs should allow the user to toggle through different configurations.

On the left side of the controller, there appears to be a USB port for charging and a 3.5mm audio jack. The controller itself is likely rechargeable, since it certainly appears to be too thin to use the standard AA batteries.

At Microsoft's Build 2018 conference last week, one of the key points that the company tried to make was that it cares about accessibility, and that it needs to design products for all of its users, not just the majority. It even announced a $25 million AI for Accessibility program.

We're now about a month away from the E3 gaming conference, where Microsoft will likely unveil this new controller in full.

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