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Minecraft launches its own version of Xbox Game Pass, called Marketplace Pass

minecraft marketplace pass

Microsoft recently stated that its Xbox Game Pass service currently has 34 million subscribers. The service allows Xbox and PC players to play hundreds of games for one monthly price. Today, Microsoft-owned dev studio Mojang announced a similar subscription service for its sandbox game Minecraft.

In a blog post, Mojang revealed more details on this service, called Marketplace Plus. It's live right now for $3.99 a month, with a 30-day free trial.

Minecraft players already know about Marketplace, which offers both paid and free extra content for the game. A subscription to Marketplace Pass will let those players access over 150 premium content items that have been hand-picked by Mojang and will be available to access as long as users pay that $3.99 a month fee.

Mojang said the content varies from player skins and texture packs to full DLC expansions for Minecraft. It adds:

Some are story-driven, others combat focused, a few will make you a speedy parkour pro or an unbeatable puzzle master, while others magically make your blocky world look different. Every single one of them is created by our brilliant community of creators and there to add new playstyles and variety to your Minecraft sessions.

In addition, each month Mojang will release a different set of Character Creator items for your Minecraft character to wear. After players claim these items, they can keep them even if they decide not to stay signed up for Marketplace Pass

Mojang plans to regularly change the content that's available for Marketplace Pass subscribers, in the same way that Xbox Game Pass removes some games every month and adds new ones. Marketplace Pass is supported on Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and on all of its supported devices with a Microsoft Account. The service does not currently support Minecraft for the Amazon Kindle Fire tablets or Minecraft Java Edition.

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