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More than 30% of Steam users now run Windows 11

A Steam Launcher with the Windows 11 Settings app in the background

The latest Steam Hardware & Software Survey results are now available, showing a significant milestone for Microsoft's operating system. According to Valve, Windows 11 crossed a 30% share on Steam in January 2023.

Note: Participation in Valve's Hardware & Software Survey is optional, and the company picks participants randomly. Therefore, the final data is not 100% accurate. The survey's primary goal is to provide developers with data representing platform-average software and hardware preferences.

Windows 11's growth on Steam is directly related to Windows 10's decline. The latter remains the most popular OS among the gaming audience, but its market share lost 1.96 points in January 2023. Windows 10 holds approximately 63.46% of all Steam customers. Windows 11, on the other hand, gained 1.91% points. This allowed the operating system to cross the 30% mark and reach its all-time high of 30.33%.

Despite being out of support since 2020 (no paid security updates since January 2023), Windows 7 still has 1.6% of all Steam users. In January 2023, its 64-bit version lost 0.06 points.

Overall, 96.02% of all Steam customers use Windows (0.13). macOS is second with 2.61% (+0.13), and Linux is third with 1.38% (no changes last month).

Regarding hardware preferences, the only notable change is the Nvidia RTX 3060 (laptop) becoming the third most popular GPU. Other hardware configurations remain relatively unchanged compared with December 2022.

Steam Hardware Survey - January 2023
Processors Intel AMD Microsoft
67.13% (-0.68) 32.84% (+0.68) 0.03%
Physical Cores 6 cores 4 cores 8 cores
32.08% (-0.95) 29.51% (-0.29) 19.55% (+0.35)
Memory 16GB 8GB 32GB
51.74% (-0.11) 21.3% (-0.02) 13.84% (-0.09)
Graphics Cards Nvidia AMD Intel
75.03% (-0.63) 15.31% (+0.16) 9.42% (+0.48)
Graphics Cards Models NVIDIA GTX 1650 NVIDIA GTX 1060 NVIDIA RTX 3060L
6.04% (+0.05) 5.1% (-0.36) 4.30%
Graphics Cards Memory 8GB 6GB 4GB
27.07% (+0.12) 19.17% (-0.82) 15.15% (+0.18)
Display Resolution 1920 x 1080 2560 x 1440 1366 x 768
64.83% (+0.23) 11.06% (-0.74)

5.89% (+0.01)

You can find more information on the survey's official page.

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