Mr. Shifty finally arrives on the Xbox One starting on August 3

It was only a few months ago when Mr. Shifty made its debut on the Nintendo Switch and PC. Publisher tinyBuild Games is now bringing the game to the Xbox One starting on August 3.

In the game, players take control of Mr. Shifty and will be tasked with infiltrating the base of Chairman Stone, who is in possession of ‘Mega Plutonium’. Your goal as the protagonist is to make your way through 140 levels that span 18 stages. While this sounds like a simple task, the stages will be layered with various traps, mobs, and other obstacles. Luckily, Mr. Shifty has the ability to 'shift' which means that players will be able to transport themselves instantly over a short distance, while also passing through objects like walls.

If curious about how the game plays and if it's worth your hard earned dollars, be sure to check out our review of the game for the Nintendo Switch. Mr. Shifty is now available for digital pre-order and can be pre-downloaded for the time being. The game will be unlocked starting on August 3.

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Source: Major Nelson

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