MSN Messenger update

Thanks Neo566 for dropping news of an update to MSN Messenger in the forums. Its now at 4.6.0083 so if auto-update didn't prompt you yet go here to update.

Whats that I hear you say? You have 4.7.0104 installed? Thats also correct but you have Windows Messenger for Windows XP. The version number is different than MSN Messenger. Theres even several beta versions of MSN Messenger 5 the latest at 5.0,0527 but that is not readily available to download yet. We can expect to see that version shipping at the end of this month when Microsoft launches MSN Explorer 8 where MSN Messenger 5 is included in the package.

Download: MSN Messenger for Windows v4.6.0083

News source: .Net Messenger website

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