Intel quietly validates 1066 RDRAM

SLIGHTLY AHEAD of time, and with no great fanfare, Intel has validated 1066 RDRAM modules for its 850E Rambus platform. When Intel launched its 850E enhanced chipset for Rambus earlier this year, it only supported lower speeds of the memory type.

The modules it has now validated are all from Samsung – although Elpida has said it will produce RDRAM modules as well, it is showing a reluctance to commit to doing so in any volume. Samsung, however, has a Rambus roadmap that extends to 2007 and perhaps beyond, and even validated the memory type for some TVs it is making last week

The 850E remains the "performance" chipset for desktop Pentium 4s until Q1 of next year, when the two varieties of Springdale chipset oust the Rambus memory type, in favour of double data rate (DDR) memories

News source: The Inquirer

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