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New details (and possible images) of Microsoft's new Lumia 830 leak

In recent weeks, details have gradually been emerging of a new addition to Microsoft's Windows Phone line-up, the Nokia Lumia 830. Most recently, the first reliable info on specs came to light, indicating that the device will be a mid-range handset but with a high-end camera - perhaps the same 20MP sensor and optics from the Lumia 930/Icon and 1520

As we revealed earlier this month, the Lumia 830 is heading to AT&T in the US, and is known by its development codename, 'Train'. But previous leaks suggested that the Lumia 830 was being developed under the codename 'Tesla'. So what explains the discrepancy? 

According to serial leaker TKTechNews, there will be three different versions of the device in the United States alone, for AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. There may even be different hardware variations - the AT&T and T-Mobile models are said to have different cameras, and the T-Mo version may have a 4.7-inch display, larger than the 4.5-inch screens of the others. The AT&T variant is also said to lack integrated wireless charging, while the others will include this. 

It should be noted that TK stated that the source of that information was paid for it. Make of that what you will. 

Along with those leaks, new images have surfaced which purportedly show the Lumia 830 in shocking ZOMG bright yellow. Make of that what you will too - there's no accounting for taste, after all. 

The images - from WinPhoneViet, and shared by WMPowerUser - have not been verified, and there's something about them that looks a bit... off. The image above left, showing the display horizontally looks a bit, well, squashed and stretched - and that's not all. 

The image below - showing either the top or bottom of the device - also appears a bit squashed. Note in particular how the 3.5mm audio port appears more like an oval than a true circle. Like we said, something just doesn't feel right here. 

Still, if they are - somehow - accurate depictions of the Lumia 830, then that's not necessarily a bad thing. It's a good looking handset, and the rumored specs sound pretty decent, especially on the camera front. We just hope there are a few other color options to pick from - bright orange, anyone? 

Source: TKTechNews via WPCentral / WinPhoneViet via WMPowerUser | images via WinPhoneViet

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