New Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle launches

The Humble Bundle team, which have launched three major pay-what-you-want indie PC game bundle deals, plus a smaller side effort, have launched yet another smaller side project this week. The official Humble Bundle web site have started the Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle. It will allow anyone to pay whatever they wish for Frozen Synapse, an acclaimed turn-based tactical strategy game from developer Mode 7 Games.

While you can pay whatever you want for Frozen Synapse, there's an added incentive if you decide to pay more than what the current average price is on the site. If you go over that number you will also get to download all the games in the previously launched Humble Frozenbyte Bundle. That gives you five additional games from developer Frozenbyte: the top down shooters Shadowgrounds and Shadowgrounds Survivor, the side-scroller action-puzzle game Trine, the uncompleted but playable game prototype Claw and a pre-order to get the game Splot when it is eventually released. You can also choose to donate some of your money to the Child's Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation charities or to the Humble Bundle team itself. As with the previous deals, the new bundle's games all come in PC, Mac and Linux flavors and are DRM free The Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle will last until Wednesday, October 12.

The first Humble Indie Bundle event launched in May 2010. So far the three main Humble Indie Bundle deals all had revenues well above $1 million, with the third generating over $2 million in sales. The Humble Frozenbyte Bundle brought in over $900,000.

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