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Nokia to announce multiple Windows Phones on 26th October

First, we saw Samsungs Windows Phone devices in full for the first time today, now, we've heard that Nokia definitely plans to make more than one ​device available at Nokia World next week. 

It's been apparent for a while that Nokia was to announce "Sea Ray" at Nokia World, but we didn't know they would have ​more than one ready to go. Its not clear what exactly the other device is, but it's likely we haven't seen it yet. Perhaps the Nokia 800 isn't the same phone as the Sea Ray? Only a week to go now. 

Engadget says that Andy Lees confirmed the news on stage at AllThingsD in Asia today. Now we're spoilt for choice. Do we buy a Samsung Focus device, a Nokia, a Fujitsu or do we want to pick up the Samsung Galaxy Nexus? Maybe it's time to have, you know, four phones in our pockets.

We're excited for next week, this could be huge.

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