Nvidia's latest Windows WHQL driver 535.98 causing black screen flickering [Update]

Nvidia driver for Diablo IV

Earlier today, Nvidia released its latest Windows WHQL driver version 535.98 which is optimized for Diablo IV, System Shock PC remake. The driver also fixes a longstanding Freestyle bug that was leading to games crashing, and more.

However, if you happen to own an Nvidia GPU and you installed the latest driver, there is a chance you will run into display flickering issues with this latest driver. There are several user reports online on various threads discussing the problem.

The official GeForce 535.98 driver feedback thread on Nvidia's forum is filled with user complaints about the same issue one after the other. This shows that the bug is quite widespread and it is happening across a wide range of hardware too.

A user turbalicious writes:

And yet, G-Sync on + 4070 Ti still experiences random screen blackouts in regular Windows usage. I never had this behavior with my old 3080. Dell S2721DGF / various DP cables / tested multiple 4070 Ti implementations. And no, it's not a monitor or a driver thing, it's a sh!t driver thing. It's flabbergasting in this price range.

Another user joey.salzmann explains their issue alongwith spec details:

Hello, Never had a problem before except for the known open issue with MSFS.

Updated a few minutes ago to driver 535.98 using Nvidia GeForce Experience. Since then, my screen is flickering like hell every time my cursor is moved.

I checked all cables, it happens on two different top-notch screens. Uninstalled using the installer a first time. Restarted computer. It stopped flickering. Fresh new install again, restarted computer again, flickering is back continuously.

Something is definitely not right with that update. Will revert to previous driver for the time being given that fixed bugs and Diablo are not required on my end for the time being. Material:

- Intel i9-12900KF

- Nvidia MSI Suprim RTX 4080

- Windows 11 Pro

- 4k & 2k gaming monitor fitted with G-Sync

Almost the entire thread is filled with such reports. Meanwhile, it is the same story over on the Reddit FAQ discussion thread for the 535.98 driver as well. And users are complaining on the Twitter announcement post too.

Update: A GeForce hotfix driver has been released which fixes the issue in some instances.

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