Offworld Trading Company now has a free multiplayer client

The Offworld Trading Company free-to-play multiplayer client that was announced last week has finally rolled out, giving everyone the opportunity to jump in and experience the economic strategy title by going up against other players.

The separate client can be found on Steam right now with a modest download size of around 400MB. Anyone wanting to expand their Red Planet trading escapades to the single-player campaign and skirmish modes will have to purchase the core game, which is currently discounted to $6 on the same store page.

Here's a short description of the combat-free strategy game for those unfamiliar with it:

Offworld Trading Company is an economic strategy game by Civilization IV's lead designer, Soren Johnson. Players find themselves trying to build a corporation on Mars, but the competition is fierce - others are standing in the way of success, and victory is hard-earned through mastering and manipulating the Martian stock market.

Beyond that, base game owners aren't being hung out to dry either, as the developer has also released the Market Corrections DLC pack today. This pack comes with three single-player narrative campaigns that shed light on why exactly did Earth begin colonizing Mars. 12 new maps that are inspired by actual locations on Mars, such as the Korolev Crater and the Ma’adim Vallis riverbed, are also included in this DLC.

The Offworld Trading Company Market Corrections DLC comes in at $3.99, but a 10% launch discount on Steam puts the current price at $3.59.

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