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OnePlus confirms the OnePlus 5 has an upside down display

Recently, users of the OnePlus 5 began to complain about a myriad of issues, including a 'jelly scrolling' effect and other issues plaguing the display. OnePlus was cornered about this issue, however, they stated that it was normal and that there was nothing to be alarmed about.

It has officially been confirmed by OnePlus that the devices have an inverted display. OnePlus denied that it was due to them, and called it a deliberate engineering decision made by the manufacturer, with no reasons given to them for this odd decision. However, the inverted display has not been connected to the odd scrolling display issue according to them.

  • The display panel is mounted in an inverted orientation on the OnePlus 5. This is NOT a mistake on the part of OnePlus. There is no manufacturing defect, Quality Assurance mistake, or software bug involved. Instead, the display panel being inverted is a deliberate engineering decision done for reasons we were not given.
  • It is not yet proven that inverting the display panel is the exact cause of the jelly scrolling effect, but the two do seem to be correlated.
  • Not every OnePlus 5 owner will encounter this issue or notice it happening. It is unknown how many OnePlus 5 owners will ever encounter this, though OnePlus assures that it is only a small number of users.
  • This issue can be replicated on many other smartphones by rotating the screen 180 degrees and scrolling – however, this is not true for every phone.
  • Per OnePlus, an OTA update cannot resolve this issue. Sending your phone in for replacement also does not guarantee it will be fixed. If you are experiencing this issue, it is unclear what can be done about the issue if anything can be done.

OnePlus requested that users experiencing this issue return their units, but also noted that they cannot guarantee that the device would be fixed. They also noted that not all users will experience this problem, and that it was only a small number of devices affected.

OnePlus have always been known for their excellent quality and have pushed the envelope when it comes to price and performance. However, recently their stance has changed quite a bit and it's disappointing to see this start-up have issues like this. Currently, it is recommended that you return the device if you have the option.

Source: XDA Developers

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