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Opera is the latest browser to add AI support, including ChatGPT in the sidebar

Opera browser ai prompts

Opera is the latest web browser to join the AI gold rush. Today, the company behind the popular browser announced some new AI features. One of them is called AI Prompts, and it actually sounds like it might be an interesting way for people to learn more about web content.

Opera states that the new feature works just by selecting some text on a web page. In another browser, you could copy it, or maybe use a traditional search to learn more. AI Prompts is supposed to over even more:

Maybe a chunk of text was long or confusing. AI Prompts can help you shorten it or explain it for you, whether it’s a paragraph, a whole article, even a website! Or perhaps you’ve stumbled upon something that you’re really interested in – a fashion trend, a culinary fancy, some new, previously unheard-of musical artist – and you want to know more and more. AI Prompts will take you down your internet rabbit hole, since you can ask it to suggest more relevant content based on what you’re reading.

The new feature can even help you write a Tweet about the selected text, a joke, or a poem. Opera users can download the new version and then, during Easy Setup, turn on the Early Access option by toggling the “AI Prompts' selection. Opera GX users can do the same by selecting the “Early Bird” option.

The new version of Opera also adds support for two AI chatbots in its sidebar: ChatGPT and ChatSonic:

They can offer you assistance with a wide range of queries and issues. You can generate ideas, summaries, translations, itineraries. You can write code, learn music, get help on math, draft text – the list goes on and on! ChatSonic is additionally so clever that it can create images for you.

The support requires users to register for either or both ChatGPT and ChatSonic before they can use them in the Opera sidebar.

Opera has also released the full changelog for the new version, 97.0.4719.26:

  • CHR-9225 Update Chromium on desktop-stable-111-4719 to 111.0.5563.65
  • DNA-102778 Goth reports error for utils_api test
  • DNA-104983 Missing encryption option in sync settings
  • DNA-105293 add RateMe feature to Speed Dials and Suggested Speed Dials section
  • DNA-105299 Opera crash when closing tab by middle mouse button
  • DNA-105712 Update linux sandbox dependency for browsertests
  • DNA-105787 Settings extended with the AI section
  • DNA-105865 Add reload option for panels in opr.browserSidebarPrivate namespace
  • DNA-105944 Update checking of widevine certificate expiration to be independent from dateformat
  • DNA-105959 Update texts – native part
  • DNA-105961 Import translated texts – native part
  • DNA-105967 Crash at base::ObserverList::RemoveObserver(PrefObserver const*)
  • DNA-105973 Turn on #tab-tooltip-close-tabs on all streams
  • DNA-106061 Hide extension popup
  • DNA-106062 [Stable A/B Test] React Start Page for Austria, Italy, Spain and France 50%
  • DNA-106068 Extension shows if developer mode is enabled
  • DNA-106070 Feedback window for highlight popup displayed in wrong place
  • DNA-106079 EasySetup Disclaimer – Reduce size
  • DNA-106085 Crash at TabHoverCardController::OnViewIsDeleting(views::View*)
  • DNA-106086 Player home page does not show images in dark mode
  • DNA-106096 Increase prompt window in AB width
  • DNA-106109 Teasers on start page don’t show transparency
  • DNA-106114 AI Prompts button is after Reader Mode icon
  • DNA-106168 EasySetup update
  • DNA-106212 Promote O97 to stable
  • DNA-106225 Enable #shodan-extension for all streams
  • DNA-106229 Update J5 texts

Download links for Opera are below:

Of course, Microsoft has added its Bing Chat to its Edge browser, and it's possible Google will eventually add Bard support to its own Chrome browser

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