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Opera's Aria generative AI tool reaches 1 million users

Aria in Opera for Android

Opera has announced that its native browser generative AI tool, Aria, has passed one million users since launch. The company launched the AI tool in May and made it available to all Android users by the end of June.

Aria doesn’t rely on a homegrown language model, instead, Opera teamed up with OpenAI to leverage GPT technology. If you’ve not been keeping up with developments, GPT is the model used by ChatGPT and is largely seen as the language model that kicked off the generative AI revolution.

Commenting on Aria’s adoption, Opera co-CEO Lin Song said:

‘As encouraging as the initial adoption of Aria has been, we are equally pleased with the quality of the users' early engagement with the AI tool. We are also seeing a lift in total time spent, with increased searches and pageviews per session.’

‘While it is still early days, I am thrilled that our users are loving the Aria experience as much as we do. I can't wait for more of our users to try Aria for themselves as we upgrade all of our Desktop user base to Opera One and bring our native browser AI to Opera GX and Opera for iOS soon, making it available on all major platforms.’

While Aria does use the GPT language model, it has a few advantages. Firstly, it is built right into the browser and on Android this means a more native experience than the ChatGPT website. Finally, it is able to get information from the web to enhance the results it provides to you.

While Opera may not hold as much market share as other browsers out there, it’s nice to see the company trying to keep up with the likes of Microsoft with its Bing Chat.

Have you tried out Aria yet? Let us know what you think about it in the comments.

Source: Opera

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