PCMark benchmark says the new Edge performs 10% better than the legacy version

Microsoft's new Edge browser, based on the Chromium project, was released on January 15, and it's meant to replace the existing version based on UWP, now referred to as Legacy Edge. The browser has a few new features compared to the previous version, including Collections and support for Chrome extensions. But that's not all - according to the PCMark 10 benchmark, the new browser also has better performance.

UL Benchmarks, the company behind the benchmarking tool, announced today that the PCMark 10 Applications Benchmark shows that the new Edge browser "at least" 10% more performant than the UWP version. The Chromium-based Edge received a total score of 9,631, well above the 8,435 of its predecessor.

The company says that its Applications benchmark tests real-life usage scenarios, including accessing social media, watching videos, and loading images and 3D objects. Video playback seems even across the two versions, but otherwise, the Chromium-based Edge.

Of course, you can also test this for yourself if you're willing to buy a PCMark 10 license. You'll simply need to run the Applications benchmark before and after installing the new browser, and the tool will get you the right results for each run.

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