PhotoMath on Windows Phone lets you solve math problems instantly

Image via PhotoMath

PhotoMath is a real-time equation solver, perfect for any college student (or professional) who needs help solving math problems -- or just hates solving them by hand.

The app, which is available for Windows Phone and iOS (with an Android version coming in early 2015), allows users to point their camera at almost any math problem, press the capture button, and see accurate results displayed almost instantly on the screen -- along with the steps, in order, to solving a problem.

At current, PhotoMath supports solutions for four mathematical concepts: arithmetic expressions, fractions and decimals, powers and roots, and simple linear equations. The app won't help you solve a complex calculus problem, or a multi-variable algebraic expression (although it does support simple algebraic expressions), but for most simple math problems that you'd rather not solve because of time constraints or lack of motivation, the app works as promised.

PhotoMath is similar in concept to Word Lens, an app for iOS and Android which utilizes photo recognition to translate phrases and sentences between 7 different languages, including Spanish, Russian, and German. Both apps have serious promise for simplifying concepts which once took significant time devotion to master, which is exciting to consider as the future of smartphone technology.

You can see a video of PhotoMath in action below:

Source: PhotoMath

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