Pixel and Pixel XL will have unlimited original uploads to Photos for life

When Google announced its Pixel and Pixel XL in 2016, it also offered a nice perk where it let owners of the handsets back up original quality images to its Google Photos service for free. This year, that same perk applied to the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL but had a small caveat, restricting the unlimited upload of original quality images up until the year 2020. After that, Pixel 2 users would either have to switch to uploading high quality compressed images or pay a monthly fee to retain the ability to keep saving original quality.

This change caused some to worry, fearing that the new restriction would also apply to original Pixel and Pixel XL owners. Luckily, Google has chimed in and confirmed that Pixel owners will not have to worry about the restriction, as they will retain the ability to upload unlimited images and videos in original quality for the life of the handset. Those that have the original Pixel will no doubt find this information comforting as it is quite a nice perk to have.

Because of the perk and the Pixels newly issued $100 price reduction, the handsets might make a compelling option for someone looking for a new phone, considering that they have unofficially gained the Pixel 2's camera features.

Source: Android Police

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