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Power BI On-premises data gateway February update released

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After wrapping up last year's Power BI updates, activity on Microsoft's data visualization and analytics platform front slowed down due to the holiday season. Today, the Redmond firm has released the latest version of the Power BI On-premises data gateway, after its last release in December introduced a new Azure Cosmos DB connector.

The first change this time around is fairly straightforward. The name of the aforementioned connector has been renamed from DocumentDB - the name it was launched with last year - to Azure Cosmos DB. This change will be visible to customers under the heading of the "data source type" in the data source settings.

The deprecation notices that were handed out with the last update are also being reiterated, as they will be coming into effect this month. For one, support for the use of gx64krb5 to undertake Kerberos single sign-on (SSO) in the process of creating SAP BW data sources is being discontinued immediately. On a similar note, support for the use of OpenSSL while creating SAP HANA data sources with SAML single sign-on is also being deprecated at the same time. Although existing connections will be supported, new ones cannot be created now, and the CommonCryptoLib is recommended for use instead.

Moving on, the Gateway install will also require the .NET 4.8 framework in all versions starting now. As always, reports published to the Power BI Service and refreshed via the Gateway will adhere to the exact same query execution logic/run-time as in this month's Power BI Desktop version.

The Standard Mode installer for the latest version - 3000.72.6 - can be downloaded here, while the Personal Mode installer can be downloaded here.

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