PSA: Don't bite your iPhone battery like this guy; it can explode

It may not always be a good idea to bite things known to explode, in case any of our (adult) readers weren't entirely sure. So proved a Chinese man this week, when he tried to test the authenticity of an iPhone he tried to purchase.

Chinese publication MyDrivers reports on a video currently circulating Chinese social media, and which now has millions of views, that shows CCTV footage from an electronics store of a man looking to purchase an iPhone. Given the array of products on sale, the store presumably specialised in second-hand electronics and the man, in an attempt to test the battery, is shown to bite down on it. Within seconds, the battery, which was only inches away from his and other onlookers' faces, explodes as the group recoils due to the blinding flash of the blast.

Fortunately for everyone involved, no one was injured.

Lithium-ion batteries are, of course, known for not being the most stable things around. While the potential age of the smartphone in question may have contributed to the instability of the battery, biting them is not only never a good idea but also an incredibly futile means of testing to see if one is a genuine article.

Given professionals employed by Apple can sometimes end up with an overheating or exploding battery, it's best to treat your phone's battery with extreme caution and as the potential health hazard it is.

Source & Image (gif): via Gizmochina

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