PSA: Free Windows 10 upgrade for assistive technology users ends Sunday

With the release of Windows 10 back in 2015, Microsoft has let all devices running Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 to upgrade to the new operating system for free during the first year since its launch. Surprisingly, the one year deadline did not apply for assistive technology users, who could continue to take advantage of the offer while the company continued with its "efforts to improve the Windows 10 experience for people who use these technologies".

Because Microsoft only required users to affirm they needed assistive technology on Windows in order to become eligible for the extended free upgrade offer, it could easily be seen like a loophole to the initial free upgrade offer, allowing anyone to take advantage of it.

But it looks like Microsoft is finally satisfied with its work to improve the Windows 10 experience for people who make use of assistive technologies, with a final deadline for the extended offer set for December 31, this Sunday.

Starting next Monday, January 1, all users who wish to install the operating system on a new machine will have to pay $119.99 for Windows 10 Home or $199.99 for Windows 10 Pro. So make sure you do not miss Sunday's deadline if you are eligible for the Windows 10 free upgrade for assistive technology users.

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