Qualcomm's WiPower wirelessly charges your metal phones

Before you send us letters, we know this is Qi!

Wireless charging is a really cool feature that makes handling devices a lot easier, but it doesn’t always work depending on the materials used in your device. Now Qualcomm has developed new technology that will allow many more smartphones and devices to take advantage of wireless charging.

Qualcomm’s new WiPower standard now allows for devices with metal casings to be wirelessly charged. That had been impossible prior to today, because of the way wireless charging inducts electricity into anything made of metal. But the company's WiPower, which is Rezence compliant, now allows for your sweet aluminium phone to be wireless charged without fear that you’d heat it up or burn its internals. Here's hoping for a Surface Pro 4 with wireless charging!

Qualcomm is a member of the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) and the WiPower technology is already available for licensing to manufacturers. Hopefully this means that more, better looking devices will soon start to adopt the technology and make our lives that bit easier.

Via: Engadget

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