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Quora's Poe AI platform adds StableDiffusionXL image creation bot

The Poe logo

ChatGPT has been with us nearly a year but you may not have tried Quora’s Poe platform which brings together different bots as well as custom bots that use LLMs like GPT-3.5 with a custom prompt to make them more unique. Now, the company has added the StableDiffusionXL (SDXL) bot and the ability to create custom bots with special prompts based on SDXL.

With SDXL support, Poe now lets you create AI images on its platform. In the Explore section, a new category called ImageGen has been added and contains many customized prompt bots.

Some of the available bots include ones that create art in the style of Vincent van Gogh, Pixar, tattoo art, cyberpunk, and more. One of the really great things about Poe is that anybody can go on and create their own prompt if they have an idea in mind then use it to create a bot for a certain task.

AI-generated beach
An image created by StableDiffusionXL.

At the time of writing, each user is allowed 100 free SDXL messages per day, this is to help prevent the platform getting overwhelmed and encourages more people to pay for the platform so that it can continue existing. It’s unclear what the limit is for subscribers and the option to subscribe is not available in all regions around the world.

In our brief experiments with the SDXL bot, it seems to be pretty fast at generating images. There is an option on the desktop to enlarge the image to see it better and download it to your computer.

Similar to other AI image generators, the SDXL bot creates dodgy looking fingers (and cat whiskers) sometimes, a common problem with these types of engines. You can access the bot no matter which platform you are on, however, on Android it seems you can only share the images but not download them.

Have you given Poe a go yet? have you discovered any useful bots on there?

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