Red Dead Online Beta has been updated with Gun Rush mode

The Red Dead Online beta has received a new update which adds a battle royale mode. The new addition, Gun Rush, will allow up to 32 players to duke it out whilst gathering weapons and ammunition. All-the-while, the battle area will shrink until one only person is left standing. Players will have a choice of a free-for-all or team variation of Gun Rush.

Also stated in the announcement is that Red Dead Online will stay in beta for a few months as Rockstar continues to add more gameplay features across the board and further balance and stabilize gameplay.

In future updates, players can expect to see new races and showdown modes, as well as new clothing and emotes. Other updates based on player feedback include:

  • Daily challenges
  • Changes to the way the law and bounty system work. Players will get a bounty for committing a crime and will be incentivized to pay them off as soon as possible. Waiting too long will cause bounty hunters from all the states to start hunting you down.
  • Changes to the parley system which will make it easier to trigger. Feuds, Posse Feuds, and Leader Feuds will be more easily accessible as well
  • Proximity-based player blips. The range at which player-location blips will be visible will be reduced. Players who "grief and kill indiscriminately" may also get a progressively darkening blip which will be visible from a longer distance.

Other updates coming to the game that will be releasing over the coming year will include:

  • New missions in A Land of Opportunities based on existing characters, such as Horley and Jessica LeClerk, as well as new ones.
  • A range of dynamic events throughout the Red Dead world.
  • New weapons and clothing which Rockstar has said it is not ready to announce.

Additionally, Xbox One players can now access the Red Chestnut Arabian Horse, Alligator Skin Ranch Cutter Saddle and the High Roller Double-Action Revolver in the Red Dead Online beta.

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