Report: Recent Surface Pro 2 WiFi firmware update greatly boosts battery life

You may remember that Microsoft released a firmware update and driver pack for the Surface Pro 2 tablet soon after its launch in October. The pack included a new version of the firmware for its WiFi antenna. Now a report claims that small download has helped to boost the battery life on the Surface Pro 2 by as much as 25 percent.

Anandtech tested their own Surface Pro 2 with two benchmarks after installing the firmware update. One checked out how the tablet handles an "aggressive" amount of web browsing until the battery dies. Before the update, the Surface Pro 2's battery went down after 6.680 hours. After the update, the battery life lasted 8.330 hours.

The other benchmark showed how it handled running a 720p 4Mbps H.264 movie while the WiFi hardware was turned on. Before the firmware update, the Surface Pro 2 lasted 6.65 hours before the battery died. After the firmware update, the battery kept going over an hour longer until it stopped at 7.73 hours, an increase of 16 percent.

That's a pretty huge boost for the Surface Pro 2 after installing what appears at first to be a simple firmware update. The bad news? There's no such battery optimization download for the Surface 2 tablet.

Thanks to NoClipMode for the tip!

Source: Anandtech | Image via Microsoft

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