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Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition is out for the PC but the console versions get delayed

rise of the triad

Fans of 1990s first-person shooters on the PC can now check out a remastered version of one of the best games in this genre. Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition is officially out for the PC via Steam and GoG.com. Even better, you can get the game for the launch price of $15.99, which is a 20 percent discount from its normal $19.99 price tag. The discount will last until August 7.

The game was also supposed to launch on Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch consoles today as well. However, Dave Oshry, the CEO of the game's publisher New Blood Interactive, posted word a few days ago on his X (formerly Twitter) account that the console versions have been delayed.

He stated, "We're running into some cert issues (silly stuff) on consoles." He added that he hoped the delay would not "be more than a few weeks BUT can't commit to a hard date 'til it passes on all 3 consoles."

In the meantime, that isn't keeping PC owners from checking out this remaster of the 1995 2D shooter from original developer Apogee and the game's remaster developer Nightdive Studios. Here's the breakdown of what you can expect:

  • 4K and Ultrawide Resolution support + Unlimited frame rates
  • All original ROTT episodes, expansion packs plus Return of the Triad
  • Restored characters and game content from "lost" betas
  • FULL controller support, KB/M rebinding, and a cynical FOV slider
  • Ability to play with 1994 or 2013 Soundtracks + Jukebox
  • New HUDs, Alternate weapon SFX and LUDICROUS LIGHTING
  • Online & LAN Comm-Bat Multiplayer featuring multiple game modes
  • A brand new easy-to-use Level Editor and brand new cutscenes
  • A NEW episode created by New Blood, Night Dive and Apogee Software

If you don't want to commit any money, you can play the shareware version of the game for free on Steam as well.

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